14. toukokuuta 2011

Nimi on enne?

Löysin netistä tämän melko osuvan kuvauksen koiristani. (Vai olikos ne sittenkin jotain muita hahmoja...?)

Mr. Bingley has a manner like Jane Bennet's, they are fond of everyone, see only the good in people, and are very pleasant characters. Mr. Bingley is quick to approve of everyone and everything he sees. He loves to dance and socialize with several people, and attends many balls. He's affable and comfortable around everyone.

Mr. Darcy is more proud, he was taught good principles growing up, but was also taught to follow them in conceit and pride. He judges quickly and does not approve of many people. He seems almost uncomfortable to be around, except for those few select people who know him well.

Both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley are close to each other however, even though they see the world from different views.
Hih. <3 

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